the big deal


In our garage there is a stack of boxes. Each box is filled with copies of Fifty Dangerous Things. This is our garage—where cars are supposed to sleep at night. We need to clear these boxes out, and for contractural reasons too complicated to go into here, we have to sell them by December 31.

So here's what we propose; we're going to sign five books and put them in a box for you for just $20 per book. Why five books? Because that allows us ship them to you for free. By Christmas.

Place your order before December 17 and UPS tells us that there's a really, really good chance it will get to you before the holidays. Orders placed after that will have to be expidited and we'll have to charge extra.


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Special 5-Book Bundle price: $100.00
(including CA sales tax and UPS Ground Shipping!)

To buy a 5-book bundle via credit card or PayPal, use the Buy Now button.

A PayPal account is not required; however, if you use a credit card already associated with a PayPal account, you may be required to log-in.

Be sure to specify your UPS delivery address when completing the PayPal transaction form.

    Sorry, this deal is no longer available. Fifty Dangerous Things will be available again starting May 2011 from New American Library (a Penguin imprint).



Price includes shipment via UPS Ground in the US.

If you live outside the US you will need to pay the additional shipping charges. Please contact us for details.

If you would like to pay for expedited shipping, please contact us to make arrangements.